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MB HOLDİNG :: Sultan Sera
Environmental Impact

Potential damage from our establishments to the environment have been determined and eliminated and the management was thus put into operation; our company aims at utilizing an environmentally-friendly production model, environmental management system improvement and environmentally-friendly products.

The efficiency of the environmental management system is checked through regular internal inspections.  Determined risks from the inspection are eliminated and improvement methods are developed.

Our foremost duty for the environment is to minimize our waste levels and to use materials economically.

By constant observation of our work flow, necessary improvements are made and, consequently, water and energy wastage is prevented.

The environmentally-friendly implementation of alternative energy resources, the efficient application of biological contestation, minimization and classification of wastage and their elimination by disposal companies have all been observed and certified by governmental agencies.

Sustaining our production with this environmental view increases our competitive strength and ensures our customers' faith in and satisfaction with our company.

Environmental Impact