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MB HOLDİNG :: Sultan Sera
About Us

In 2008, Sultan Sera, a MD Holding company, was established in Aydın to actualize projects for the heating of greenhouses with geothermal resources. With the utilization of geothermal energy sources belonging to MB Holding in the heating of greenhouses, the first geothermic integrated facility in Turkey was established.  Our aim is to increase the added value of the source by utilizing the geothermal resources in greenhouse heating as well as electricity production, to take better advantage of our natural resources and, thus, to invest in wellness tourism in the region.

Sultan Sera A.S., being a first in Turkey to have the support of the Dutch Ministry of Innovation, contributed to the economy by putting marshy, nonarable lands to use.   With the initial 41,400m2 greenhouse investment by Sultan Sera A.S., MB Holding has undertaken production in the agriculture sector.

With the collaboration under the Seraculture program supported by the Dutch Government, the Dutch greenhouse production principles with cutting-edge Dutch technology and relevant management logic for Turkey's conditions have been determined and the necessary technical and know how support for Sultan Sera was obtained.  Again as part of the same collaboration, Sultan Sera employees will be trained in Holland and will receive technical support from Holland's Wageningen University for a period of two years.

With this project, our aim is to set an example project in proper utilization of Turkey's natural resources, bringing nonarable lands into the economy through soilless agriculture, to contribute to employment and to contribute to the development of the greenhousing sector in Turkey.  During these practices, the Sultan Sera facilities will act as an educational center where qualified greenhouse personnel will be raised in collaboration with Turkey’s universities.  Hence, a great investment will be made in the greater resource of all: human resources.

Sultan Sera, like its sister companies, aims at pioneering the utilization of geothermal sources in greenhouse heating and, therefore, contributing to both local and national economies.  Sultan Sera, which makes possible the relatively low cost of production compared to greenhouses heated with conventional methods, is part of the MB Holding Aydın-Salavatlı geothermal integrated facility.  Cluster tomatoes are cultivated for export in the greenhouse.

  • Geothermal heating increases productivity by 50-60%.
  • The internal temperature of the greenhouse, being higher than the necessary temperature, enhances productivity. In this manner, necessary ventilation is possible, preventing intergreenhouse humidity and diseases caused by it.  This is a condition required by the European Union and the International Food/Health organizations.
  • Hormone-free production is possible with the ideal indoor temperature.

Sultan Sera, which is planned to stretch over 400,000m2 once the target stages are completed, continues work in Sultan Sera geothermal for fruit and vegetable drying as well.

Our Fundamental Values

  • Quality,
  • Food Safety,
  • Reliability,
  • Sustainability,
  • Environmental Impact are our fundamental values. 
About Us