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MB HOLDİNG :: Sultan Sera
International Collaborations

MB Holding took a first step in its greenhouse investments in the agriculture sector along with its operations in construction, energy, ready-mixed concrete, medical textiles.  MB Holding, establishing Turkey's first private geothermal energy plant in Aydin, sees greenhousing investments as a branch of its geothermal-integrated investments.   The company's collaboration with the Netherlands, a world pioneer in the greenhouse sector, is an indication of where this investment will be in the future.

The Netherlands, having great know how and work force in this field is a world leader in production and in meeting the needs of the sector.   Another thing about the Netherlands is their progress in trade.   They strive to develop the greenhouse sector and create new markets using these qualities of theirs.  One of their target markets is our abundantly sunny country.   They approach their target markets by organizing multiple companies in collaborations and the Dutch state supports this initiative.

Within the context of the collaborative contract we, as Sultan Sera A.S., have made;

For 2 years a Dutch production manager will be responsible of production at Sultan Sera,

The Wageningen University, with its expertise in the greenhouse field in the Netherlands, will provide Sultan Sera with production support for 2 years,

2 Agricultural Engineers from the Sultan Sera staff will be trained in the Netherlands on tomato cultivation,

Sultan Sera will receive support on subjects of sales and marketing for two years.

With all this support, we are aiming to achieve production in accordance with Dutch standards in Turkey and contribute to the development of the sector.   We are aiming to open the doors of our greenhouse in a controlled manner to share the example of what can be done in tomato production with the right technology and collaboration. 

International Collaborations