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MB HOLDİNG :: Sultan Sera
Production Standards

SULTAN SERA A.S. adopts the soilless agriculture method as its production technique in cluster tomato production.  Soilless agriculture is an agricultural method where there is more productivity from unit area; suitability for automation, homogenous product type, short harvest intervals, controlled climatization and minimized pesticide utilization is needed. The diminishing of productive and irrigable areas plays a significant role in spreading of greenhousing and soilless agriculture.

In our 41.4 thousand-km2 greenhouse, rock wool is used as a soilless agriculture material.  With this material, which has high water retention capacity and is suitable for root growth, excess nutrients that cannot be taken in by the plant after watering are drained and UV filtered to be recycled.  This usage is one of the most significant benefits of our environmentally-friendly production.

In our glass greenhouse where cutting-edge technology is utilized, we meet the synchronized seasonal and developmental needs of our plants through automated systems.  The most crucial stages of production such as heating, irrigation, nutrition, ventilation, misting units, shading are managed through automation based on traceability. The biggest problem of food and agriculture sectors today, the question of pesticide usage, has been resolved with biological struggle in Sultan Sera.  Predator organisms that feed on the harmful organisms and diseases are let into the greenhouse environment.  Predators continuing their life cycle by feeding on harmful insects prevent agricultural disinfection and, therefore, pesticides from coming into our lives. The special production policy where human and environmental health is prioritized is embraced and implemented by the whole staff at Sultan Sera.

Production Standards