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MB HOLDİNG :: Sultan Sera
Production Techniques


In this respect, high tunnel greenhouses have come to the fore in the recent years in our country due to the competitive strength resulting from cost effectiveness in foreign markets (EU Market) of production and products where greenhouse heating originating from geothermal energy is used.  Recently, there have been successful implementations in the greenhouse investments with geothermal water-sourced heating in the Dikili Izmir region and export transactions to EU countries have been initiated.

In this scope, it is our aim to utilize the waste part of the geothermal water used in the process stage at DORA-1 Electrical Production Plant Management, established in Aydin's Salavaltı district and operating within MB Holding, to be recycled in greenhouse heating as a secondary energy source, and with this method the 80-85 degree water will be contributed to the economy through agricultural production.  We are aiming at selling waste water to greenhouse investors and farmers.  In order to encourage relevant groups a 2,500-m2 service building will be put into operation by MB Holding as well as the 41,400-m2 indoor area.

With this principle of the integration of investments and the total utilization of resources, studies evaluating the economical, technical and financial aspects of the High Tunnel Greenhouse investment planned by MB Holding Investment and Projects for the Kosk District of the City of Aydin, are in the running. This work will also be a guide for investors planning to invest in modern greenhousing in our region.

Production Techniques