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MB HOLDİNG :: Sultan Sera
Our Production Facility

As MB Holding Agriculture Group we have taken the first steps of what we believe will be a long and invigorating journey.   We have completed the first part of our investments of 2011 parallel with our objectives in Sultan Sera A.S., founded in 2008.

Our greenhouse, which is geothermal heated in an integrated way by Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Uretim A.S. operating within our Holding in Aydın, is one of the firsts of its kind in Turkey.   As Sultan Sera, we have begun cluster tomato production this year in one of not only Turkey's but also the world's most modern greenhouses.

In this very exclusive investment, we have not only emphasized technological and physical investment but also human resources, social effect and international collaborations.   We have collaborated with a greenhouse authority institution from the Netherlands as well as universities and research centers.

Our objective is clear: Healthy, quality, environmentally-friendly, resource-effective and record-breaking production in Turkey.

Attaining this goal, we have made it our aim to employ women who did not have social security and to introduce nonarable lands to the economy.   We have so far been ever successful.

From now on, our objectives are even greater because we have adopted this view: "Success is the greatest happiness".   Now it is our aim to make a name through different projects in the agriculture sector and to become a pioneer in Turkey in new fields.  We have faith that we will together proceed at a steady pace towards our goal...

Our Production Facility