SULTAN SERA Production Techniques


Sultan Sera produces Capricia type tomato tomatoes of Dutch origin.


In this context, the competitiveness of the production and the products produced in the regions where geothermal resource is used in greenhouse heating has brought high tunnel greenhouse agenda in our country in recent years. In the recent period, very successful applications have been carried out in the greenhouse investments that have been heated by using geothermal water resources in the Dikili Izmir region and exports to EU countries have been achieved.

In this context, the geothermal water used in the process stage of DORA-1 Electricity Generation Company, which is established in Aydin Salavatli location and continues its activities within MB Holding, is reused as a second energy source by using it again in greenhouse heating, and this heat is used as a second energy source. It is aimed to recycle this water to the economy as an important input for off-season agricultural production. For this purpose, it is aimed to sell waste water to investors and villagers who want to make modern greenhouse. In the encouragement of the relevant groups, beside the 41,400 m2 closed area, MB Holding will open a business with a greenhouse in our 2,500 m2 service building.

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