Sultan Sera Inc. In case of swamps, it made the lands unsuitable for agriculture available and brought it to the economy.

Sultan Sera, an MB Holding company, was established in Aydın in 2008 to realize greenhouse projects heated by geothermal resources. MB Holding of geothermal energy resources in the use of geothermal greenhouse heating Turkey's first integrated resort was established. With the use of geothermal resources in greenhouse heating after electricity generation, it is also aimed to increase the added value of the resource and make more effective use of our natural resources, and to make health tourism investments in the region for the same purpose.

With the support of the Netherlands Ministry of Innovation in Turkey a "first" that feature transportation Sultan Sera A.S. In the case of swamps, it has made the lands available to agriculture unusable and brought it to the economy. With the first stage of Sultan Sera A.S., a greenhouse investment of 41,400 m2, MB Holding started production in the agricultural sector.

The Netherlands Government supported by the Seracultur the program within the framework of yapilan forces thanks to the Dutch are in Turkey conditions, high Dutch technology and precise operating on production principles in the greenhouse with the logic determined and Sultan Sera necessary technical and know-how support is also provided. In the same cooperation, Sultan Sera employees will be trained in the Netherlands and technical support will be received from the Dutch Wageningen University for 2 years.

This project aims sample reveals a project in the most effective way to use the natural resources of Turkey, agriculture unfavorable terrain to provide the economy with soilless farming, contribute to employment and Turkey is to also contribute to the development of the horticulture sector. This work studies at Turkish universities especially during the cooperation with the Sultan giving service almost like a training center for Turkey greenhouse plants will be grown in a greenhouse qualified Employees. In this way, a serious investment will be made in the most important resource, the human resource.

Sultan Sera, by playing a leading role in the use of geothermal resources in greenhouse heating, aims to contribute to the country's economy along with the local economy. Sultan Sera MB Holding is a part of the Aydın-Salavatlı geothermal integrated facility, which enables production at a much lower cost than equivalent greenhouses heated by conventional methods. Cluster tomatoes are grown for export in the greenhouse.

Geothermal heating increases efficiency by 50-60%. The temperature inside the greenhouse is above the required temperature for fertilization, which increases the efficiency. In this way, the necessary ventilation can be made, the humidity inside the greenhouse does not increase and the diseases that may arise from this do not occur. This is a condition desired by the European Union and International Food / Health organizations. Hormone-free production is possible due to the ideal internal temperature.In addition to the Sultan Sera projects, which are planned to have an area of ​​400,000 m2 when the targeted stages are completed, Sultan Sera continues to work on drying fruits and vegetables with geothermal.

Our Basic Values

-Food Safety,
-Respect for the Environment is our core values.

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