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Production standards in Turkey in the Netherlands ...

In addition to construction, energy, ready-mixed concrete, medical textile, MB Holding has taken the first step in its investments in the agricultural sector with its greenhouse investment. Turkey's first private geothermal power plant in establishing Aydin MB Holding as an integrated foot of investments related to geothermal greenhouse sees investments. The collaboration with the Netherlands, which is the leader in the field of greenhouse in the world, is an important indicator of where MB Holding will take this investment in the future.

The Netherlands, which has a considerable knowledge and workforce in this field, is the number one in the world in terms of both breeding and meeting all kinds of needs of the sector. Another feature of the Netherlands is that it is very developed in the field of trade. Using these features, they are working to develop themselves in the greenhouse industry and create new markets. The Dutch government supports many companies to come to a compromise path in their target markets. Our country, which has the most sun in the target markets, plays an important role in meeting the temperature needs of the sector.

Sultan Sera A.Ş. As part of our cooperation agreement;

For 2 years, a Dutch production manager will be responsible for the production of Sultan Sera,

Wageningen University, which is specialized in the field of greenhouse in the Netherlands, will provide production support to the Sultan Greenhouse for 2 years,

2 Agricultural Engineers from Sultan Sera will receive training in the Netherlands for 4 weeks on tomato cultivation,

Support will be provided for 2 years in the sales and marketing of Sultan Sera products.

Full production is targeted Netherlands standards in Turkey with the support and development of the sector, we aim to provide up to the floor. We aim to open our greenhouse to all concerned in a controlled manner and share what can be possible in tomato production with all the industry stakeholders with the right technology and cooperation.

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