SULTAN SERA Our Production Facility

Production suitable for human health, quality, respectful to the environment, using resources effectively ...

As MB Holding Agriculture Group, we took the first steps of our journey, which we believe will be long-term and enjoyable. Founded in 2008, Sultan Sera A.Ş. We completed our first stage investments in 2011 in line with our targets.

Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. Our greenhouses heated with geothermal plant the first in Turkey to be integrated. Sultan of Turkey as a greenhouse, not in one of the world's most modern greenhouse tomato production this year we began to bunch reputation. In this very private investment, we attached importance not only to technology and physical investment, but also to human resources, the social impact of our business, and international collaborations. We cooperated with universities and research centers with a Dutch organization that is accepted as an authority in greenhouse.

Our goal is clear: a record level in Turkey, according to human health, high quality, environmentally friendly, effective use of production resources.

While achieving this goal, we aimed to make women who do not have social security a job and to bring lands that are not suitable for agriculture to the economy. We have always been successful until today.

Our goals are big after today because we believed in the philosophy of "Success is the greatest happiness". Now our name to announce new projects in the sector in the agricultural sector and our goal is to be a pioneer in new issues in Turkey. We fully believe that we will walk on this path together with sure steps…

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