SULTAN SERA Production Standards

Bunch of tomatoes in soilless agriculture method ...

SULTAN SERA A.Ş produces cluster tomatoes in soilless agriculture method as production techniques. Soilless agriculture is an agricultural method where more efficiency is obtained from the unit area, its suitability for automation, homogeneous product type, short harvesting intervals, controlled air conditioning and consequently the use of pesticides are minimized. The decrease in used and irrigable areas day by day plays a big role in the spread of greenhouse and soilless agriculture.

41. Rock wool is used as a soilless agricultural material in our 4 decare greenhouse. In this inorganic material with high water holding capacity and suitable for root development, excess plant feeding mixtures that are not taken by the plant after irrigation allow it to be drained and reused through UV filters. With this usage form, it is one of the most important inputs of our environmentally friendly production.

In our glass greenhouse where high technology is used; We meet the seasonal and developmental synchronization demands of plants with automation-dependent systems. The most important steps of growth, such as heating, irrigation, plant nutrition, ventilation, misting units, shading, are managed by automation on traceability bases. Predatory creatures fed to these creatures against pests and diseases in greenhouses have been released into the greenhouse environment. Predators who passed the life cycle by feeding with pests prevented pesticide application and thus pesticide entry into our lives. The special production policy, in which human and environmental health is at the forefront, is adopted by all the staff of the Sultan greenhouse and implemented meticulously.

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