SULTAN SERA Respect for the Environment

Minimizing our waste rates is among our primary duties for the environment.

The potential damages that our facilities may cause to the environment have been identified and disposed of, and the operation has been put into use in this way. Our company has set the goal of using environmentally friendly production model, environmental management system improvement and using environmentally friendly products in achieving these goals.

The effectiveness of my environmental management system, which is carried out on a regular basis, is checked. As a result of the audit, the risks are identified and there are ways of disposal and improvement.

Using materials economically and minimizing our waste rates are among our primary duties for the environment.

Our workflow is constantly monitored and necessary improvements are made, as a result of which water and energy consumption is prevented,
The environmental institutions have followed and registered the environmentally friendly use of alternative energy sources, effective implementation of biological control, minimization of waste and their disposal by disposal firms according to the legislation.

Continuing our production with this environmental philosophy increases our competitiveness and provides the trust and satisfaction of our customers to our company.

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